Omnia Vincit Amor

Abe Learning Things — The Bizarre Mindscape of one Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah

“Love conquers all; let us, too, yield to Love!” — Virgil, Eclogue X

Let us too, then, yield to Love
Heart within and God above
And push past mind-made dams
The barrage what clog-jams

Let that amor river flow
Heedless nor headless go
Rather, lucid with force
Versed in its own prose

Age, beauty, burdens cast
Asunder cast, and fast
Rid of self-ridicule
Asunder cast faux jewels

Embrace, embrace in its grace
Hold that ether in this vase
Hold on tight and hold on long
Blow that flute; sing that song

Look her in her eyes and kiss
Clasp her cheeks with bliss
Part bangs in the mid; plant lips
Grasp hands; twine fingertips

Scoop her tears, alleve her fears
Bear what leers and what jeers
Stand strong-armed, thick-skinned
Brave storm thunder, desert wind

Brave your own thoughts and past
Brave what horrors eyed-aghast
Brave first what you’d brave last

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